bike modifications amoung the yoth

Bike modification is the latest fad among the Indian youth. Since most of the college-going crowd can't afford expensive international bikes they take recourse to modifications to jazz-up their bikes.Modification can be done both to the engine
as well as to the body of the bike. While engine modification can increase the performance and efficiency of the bike, cosmetic changes seek to lend a snazzier look to the bikes.The most common alterations inclபாரின் ரிடர்ன் தோஸ்து  படிக்க இத்த அமுக்கிக்க அண்ணாத்த.ude strapping on an extra silencer, increasing the size of the rear tyre, changing the handle bar, using alloy wheels and changing shock absorbers. Most of the time the entire body kit is changed while keeping the engine intact. The bodywork is usually made of Fiberglass-Reinforced-Plastic (FRP).Here is a list of bike modification dealers

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